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101 East

101 East

Bold, untold stories from across Asia and the Pacific. 101 East is Al Jazeera's in-depth current affairs program from the world's most populated region.
4 Episodes
101 East - Stalking Cyber Paedophiles

Stalking Cyber Paedophiles

101 East examines how children in the Philippines are exploited when child sex predators lurk online. Improved web access has led to impoverished families seeing webcam abuse as a quick way to make money.
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101 East - Malaysia's Gang Menace

Malaysia's Gang Menace

Marginalised and disenfranchised, many Malaysian Indians are turning to crime as they struggle to fit into a society polarised by ethnic divisions. 101 East speaks exclusively with a senior gang member, revealing how the criminal organisations work.
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101 East - Australia's Jihadis

Australia's Jihadis

Why are so many Australians risking their lives on the frontlines of Syria and Iraq? Many are young, second-generation immigrants who grew up in Australia, far from the wartorn countries their parents fled, so what's propelling them to go to war?
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101 East - Drugged Up Pakistan

Drugged Up Pakistan

With more than six million drug users and rising, can Pakistan win its fight against the billion-dollar narcotics trade? Pakistan's authorities blame the flow of narcotics from neighbouring Afghanistan, and the human cost is extreme.
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