The Stagers

The Stagers

Follow Canada's home stagers - transforming drab homes that just won't sell into luxurious living spaces that have the potential to spark all-out bidding wars.
26 Episodes
The Stagers - A Family Affair

A Family Affair

Mother-and-daughter staging team Maureen and Bridget have four days to transform a dated two-bedroom apartment in Vancouver's West End.
The Stagers - Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

Design team Bridget and Maureen must stage a small 1920's-era house that is located in a desirable neighborhood, but that has an awkward lay out.
The Stagers - The Penthouse

The Penthouse

Matthew must stage an opulent, two-story penthouse suite that belongs to a wealthy entrepreneur.
The Stagers - A Tale Of Two Condos

A Tale Of Two Condos

Mother and daughter duo Maureen and Bridget are challenged to stage not one, but two cramped condos simultaneously! At 465 and 797 square feet respectively, prospective buyers are going to have a difficult time imagining how to live there.
The Stagers - Rancher Revival

Rancher Revival

Bridget and Brent team up to stage a house in desperate need of an update. With '70s-style wood paneling, mauve carpets and embossed floral wallpaper, the stagers certainly have their work cut out for them
The Stagers - Fish Bowl In The Sky

Fish Bowl In The Sky

Outspoken stager Matthew Finlason has only four days to turn to sterile 800 square-foot condo - that is still under construction - into a warm living space.
The Stagers - House Under Siege

House Under Siege

A dated, three-level duplex in an affluent beachside neighborhood needs a major transformation to sell.
The Stagers - Bungalow Blues

Bungalow Blues

Mother-and-daughter design duo Maureen and Bridget have only four day to stage a tight three-bedroom ranch in West Vancouver.
The Stagers - Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home

Stager, Dina turns a critical eye toward her own home, as she prepares the four-bedroom property for sale.
The Stagers - Child's Play

Child's Play

Matthew's skills are put to the test when he faces a new challenge in his career: how to stage a nursery occupied by an 18-month old toddler!
The Stagers - Mom's The Word

Mom's The Word

Mother-and-daughter design team Maureen and Bridget must remove the 'granny factor' from a 1940's-era mansion in only five days.
The Stagers - Them's Fightin' Words

Them's Fightin' Words

For the first time, stagers Bridget and Matthew must work together to stage an empty 3200 square foot house into an attractive family home.
The Stagers - The Suburban Stage

The Suburban Stage

High-drama stager Matthew must overcome a peach paint pallet and cheap decor to turn a small suburban house into a sleek space. H
The Stagers - The Feng Shui Fuss

The Feng Shui Fuss

Mother and daughter design team Maureen and Bridget have four days to bring definition and flow to an empty penthouse.
The Stagers - Pillar Talk

Pillar Talk

Matthew is tasked with staging a condo in a prestigious new building -- the tallest in the city. The view is incredible, but it's not the first thing people notice.
The Stagers - Stagers On Display

Stagers On Display

Maureen and Bridget have four days to prove that it's possible to create a livable space out of 720 square feet of empty display suite with a very restrictive layout.
The Stagers - The Awkward Stage

The Awkward Stage

Matthew and Gail team up to transform an angular penthouse with a tricky layout into a stylish and functional home.
The Stagers - Fabulous And Frugal

Fabulous And Frugal

Maureen and Bridget have to find a way to bring personality and charm to an empty, 4000 square foot spec house. The client, a young developer, is relying on them to create a stunning first impression for buyers.
The Stagers - The Bachelor Pad

The Bachelor Pad

Stagers Matthew and Tracey are teaming up to co-stage a three-story heritage home from a bachelor pad to a cozy family home in just five days.
The Stagers - The Frame Job

The Frame Job

Matthew takes on a cluttered loft full of bulky furniture and bachelor decor. He has four days to transform the property into a chic, spacious home while staying within the parameters of a tight budget.
The Stagers - A Whole New World

A Whole New World

A house full of 70's furniture is in serious need of an update if it wants to sell fast and for maximum money.
The Stagers - Spec House SOS

Spec House SOS

Matthew is seeing red - literally - as he takes on a vacant, 5000 square foot spec home with an intense colour scheme.
The Stagers - The Fox And The Hound

The Fox And The Hound

Stager Matthew Finlason has only five days and a limited budget of $10,000 to stage his most ambitious project yet - a massive 8,000 square-foot mansion in a very upscale neighborhood
The Stagers - Lofty Ambitions

Lofty Ambitions

Matthew takes his dream assignment to stage a hip, 1000-square-foot loft in an up-and-coming downtown neighborhood. With just five days, can Matthew find ways to present versatile living options in this big, undefined space?